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This project was the epitome of a full circle moment. Crissy Dastrup, Founder, approached me in need of a fresh start for Troost Market Collective, a Kansas City, Missouri-based organization whose mission is to enrich creative entrepreneurs & build a bridge between communities through programming & engagement. As a Kansas City native who spent a large part of my childhood within the 31st and Troost neighborhood as a student at Operation Breakthrough, I felt honored to take on this project.

Crissy held nothing back, making it clear that "This is a place for bad-assery." She wanted branding that would attract heavy-hitters, encourage creative placemaking, and help propel the organization into being a bold force of nature. With that creative direction in mind, I utilized a bright color palette, graffiti-style fonts and bold patterns to create the new branding for Troost Market Collective. The design was heavily inspired by the murals and street art that adorn the buildings along Troost, in addition to Troost’s bold vibe. Just as street art is original, layered and ever-evolving, so is Troost Market Collective.

This project included a suite of logo options, social media templates, patterns, brand icons, and a 22-page brand guidelines document.

Artboard 1
Artboard 8
Artboard 5
Artboard 4
Artboard 2
Artboard 3
Artboard 7
Artboard 6 copy
Artboard 6 copy 2
Artboard 6
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